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Top 10 Mobile Phones Under 10,ooo Rs

1. Realme 3

Realme 3 comes with a great processor and cameras. This phone can arguably the best smartphone under 10,000 rs. If you are looking for the best smartphone under 10,000 rs then this is the phone you should buy.

Price: 9,000 rs(3GB, 32GB)

2. Redmi Note 7

This phone is the latest phone released with some of the best specs in the 10,000 rs section. It has a powerful Qualcomm Processor along with some really awesome cameras and battery. It also has better screen quality than its competition. It is the best smartphone under 10,000 for anyone to buy in 2019.

Price: 10,000 rs (3GB, 32GB)

3. Asus Zenphone Max Pro M1

Asus Zenphone Max Pro M1 comes with a huge battery backup of 5,000Mah. You can play your favourite for hours on this smartphone. It has a good performance processor with great looks. It can be a better choice for all peoples those who are looking for a good battery life smartphone.

Price: 9,000 rs (3GB, 32GB)

4. Realme 1

Realme 1 is a very powerful smartphone with good camera quality. This is the first successor of Realme company’s smartphones. It has Halio P60 processor which is very fast for gaming. You can play hours on this smartphone playing games with its great battery backup.

Price: 10,000(3GB, 32GB)

5. Samsung Galaxy M10

Samsung is known for its great hardware and software experience. Now Samsung has come up with some new feature-rich smartphone series. The Galaxy M10 comes with some really good specs list. The smartphone is for everyday use and the top-notch hardware also going to support this smartphone long life.

Price: 8,000rs (2GB, 32GB)

6. Realme 2

Realme 2 is another great smartphone from the Realme company. This smartphone is one of the best smartphones for daily use. If you are a person who doesn’t use to play games on your device then this is the best smartphone for you. The long-lasting battery can easily make up to your 2nd day.

Price: 9,500rs (3GB, 32GB)

7. Asus Zenphone Max M2

Asus Zenphone Max M2 is a great smartphone and is the successor of M1 series. The smartphone comes with a great processor and supports dual cameras in the back. The phone also has 4,000 Mah huge battery to support your all day work.

Price: 8,500rs (3GB, 32GB)

8. Honor 8c

Honor 8c is known to be one of the best smartphones under 10,000 rs. It is known for its great battery life and performance. The smartphone has received pretty high ratings in all sites. The only drawback of this smartphone is its HD screen which can look a little bit of dull while playing games.

Price: 10,000rs (4GB, 32GB)

9. Redmi Note 5

Redmi Note 5 has one of the best screens in this price segment. This smartphone is a little bit of old but due to price drops, it can now be considered one of the best smartphone to buy under 10,000rs. It has 4,000Mah battery which can last long up to 2 days. The processor of this smartphone is also great and can play almost all of the top-heavy games.

Price: 10,000rs (3GB, 32GB)

10. Redmi Y2

Redmi Y2 is another smartphone from Redmi company that is powered by a Qualcomm processor. The main focus of this smartphone is its cameras. It has pretty great quality cameras especially the front selfie camera. It is a selfie focus smartphone so if you are into selfies it can be the best smartphone for you in 10K segment.

Price: 9,000rs (3GB, 32GB)

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