Here is a little FAQ section which will give you a good idea what HSYK Services is all about.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. What is HSYK Services all about?

A. HSYK Services is a company which started with a goal to provide easy, reliable and cheap access to everyday services. We are also involved in some non-profit Charity work which you can also be a part of.


Q2. What are the services that HSYK Service Provide?

A. Everything from the plumber, electrician, carpenter, taxi, to hotels, housekeeping, insurance, automobiles and beyond. Basically, every service that you can imagine, HSYK can provide you with that.


Q3. What Jobs do HSYK Services offer?

A.Electrition, Plumber, Repair,  daily services, office work and more. No matter what type of job is that you are looking for, HSYK Services has got you covered.


Q4. I want to Join HSYK Services, where can I Apply?

A. You can apply for a Job by calling us on our number or paying a visit to our office.


Q5. Where are HSYK’s Services available?

A. HSYK currently offers services in Mandi, Kullu, and all the major cities in Himachal Pradesh. HSYK Services also plans to expand our Services to all over India very soon. Contact our customer support for more information regarding our services.


Q6. I have a complaint regarding your service.

A. We take customer satisfaction very seriously, we offer a 30-day post service guarantee on most of our services and will help you with queries.


Q7. How can I give suggestions to HSYK Services?

A. Any feedback or advice is welcome Contact us using our Helpline Number: +917068570685.


Q8. Where I can Contact HSYK Services?

A. On our Contact page, you can find our Customer Care numbers, Whatapp contact info, and a query form. Feel free to give us a call or visit us. You can go to the ‘Contact US’ page by clicking here.