Corporate Services

Bulk or AMC(Annual Maintainance Contract) Of Our Top Services

1.  AMC For Plumber:

Our plumber service is a top-notch service and we are serving many houses in mandi with our services. If you are having a problem maintaining your plumber service then you can merely opt-In for our Annual Maintenance program for our Plumber services.

2. AMC For Electrician:

We know that an electric problem can occur with anyone whether they are in their office or home. We provide an excellent electrician service with lower charges than the market. If you are looking to for your annual maintenance, then our AMC for an electrician might be interested in you.

3. AMC For Carpenter:

We provide some of the best carpenters at the best price on a daily basis. Our price is lower than the market price and the work is also pretty well done. But if you are getting tired of hiring new carpenter each and every month, then you can just choose our affordable Annual maintenance plan for carpenters.

4. AMC For Painters:

Painting your home, house, buildings are pretty tough or tired work. We are providing our painter services with great success till now. Our charges are very affordable and lower than the competition. You can also apply for our full plan where we provide the full service of your home or office.

5. AMC For Repairing:

Repairing is a service that demand is increasing day by day now. We provide the best repairing service of many appliances including AC, Refrigerator, computers, and more. Instead of worrying about repairing problems, you can simply just choose our annual repairing plan that includes any type of repairing of a specific appliance.