Seminar required a full proof planning and nice working environment. HSYK Services provides all the required supplies that are required for a successful Seminar. We manage the seminar supplies and the adjustment of the location. We also provide meals for the audience of great quality.HSYK services always try to provide the best services for your every Successful Seminar.

Annual Function

An annual Function is an exceptional event for any school or institute. Therefore HSYK Services provide all the required supplies needs for the Annual Function. We cover Tent house, meals for the students, prizes, location for the event and much more. We try our best to make sure your Annual Function will be an unforgettable memory for the lifetime.

Stage Shows

Stage Shows are very special events with lots of lights and joy around us. To make sure your Stage shows goes perfectly fines we provide multiple services. HSYK Services has light facilities, all the required Props for the actors and much more. All of these services come with a very affordable cheap price.


Parties are something that once in a while is required for everyone. You can also expect some really great services from HSYK for your upcoming parties. We provide cakes, DJ Music, locations, meals and much more. You can expect all of these benefits at a very affordable price.


Shaadi is a very precious Event in anyone’s life, and it requires a significant amount of planning to make it successful. Shaadi required many services at once. Here at HSYK services, we always try to make every Shaadi, an unforgettable memory. We provide Catering, Meals for all guests, Tent house, Make-Up Artists and many more services.

Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties needs a lot of things to make it memorable. HSYK Services provides a wide variety of services like cakes, lights, tents, chairs, meals, Wines and much more at an affordable price. We will make sure you enjoy your birthday Party to its fullest.

Power Generators

If you lost power in any of your main events that might ruin your day or the function. Therefore, we provide some affordable power generators to provide power in your events.

Wine and Liquor

Wine is one of the most demanding and required supplies for any events these days. Therefore we provide many great deals on Wines and Liquors. You can expect our super fast home delivery to provide the best Wine and Liquor in no time.


If you are looking for a good singer to perform in your event then we got your back. Here in HSYK, we have some really awesome talented person who can sing brilliantly in any joyful event.


If you are in search of some really good dancer than we can solve your problem. We have some really talented Dancer who can dance on mostly any songs. You can expect a really great show from them.


If acting is your need and you are looking for some really great actors who can perform in your play, then we got your back. We have contacts with some really great actors who can act in most of the roles and plays effectively.


In any celebration, a great DJ is necessary for dancing and joy. In HSYK, we have some really great DJ individuals who are great with songs. We also provide all the requirement for a great DJ. So you can enjoy your events happily.


For every marriage or big joyful function, a Band is necessary. So if you are worrying to find a good Band for your events, we got you covered. We provide some really great Bands to work with. You can rest assure on us to provide the best Band for your event.


If you are looking for the catering service for your upcoming event then we provide some of the best quality services in our area. You can expect tasty food with reasonable price for each and every guest. The catering service comes with many benefits and the quick service makes us one of the best.


For every occasion or events, pictures stores all the beautiful memories of these days. So if you are in need of a really great photographer, you can use our service. We provide some of the best Photographer in the area to help you store your memories in the form of pictures.

Makeup Artist

For any special event if you need any makeup Artist then you can easily use our services. We provide some really great Makeup Artists who are professional in what they do. You can hire our professional at an affordable price. Our makeup artist will be there in just a few moments.

Tent House

Tent House is essential for any big festivals to celebrate today. It decorates your house or place with great colours and provides well managed sitting plans and supplies to your guests. You can expect our top-notch tent house services for your upcoming events. We provide all the essential supplies and staff required for the best tent house of any events.

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