Palm Reading

Palm reading is the study of predicting the future of forecasting the coming events while observing the palm. This field is also called Palmistry or chiromancy. This field was raised in ancient India, and later it was carried out all over the world. Now experts are available who read and analyze the hand of a person and make a prediction they are called palmists.

Palm reading has various techniques and algorithms that are used to read the hand. A palmist may examine the lines, bumps, sizes of liens, and even the intersection of line. not only theses, but there are also many more factors that are used by palmists to depict the neuter of the person. They also examine the characters of the skin, like the color, texture, etc. further factors like the agility of the palm and the shape is also taken into consideration.

In palm reading, the experts read the dominant hand to know the characteristics of the behavior that is used by the person at present. Whereas the non-dominant hand is read to understand what are the coming events in the life of the person. By looking at both the hands, the reader may tell the performance of the person in a lifetime.

Every part of the hand is linked to a god or goddess, directly or indirectly. Also, the characteristics of that part show the future of the person in that field. For intuition, the reader checks the ring finger of the person. The ring finger is analogous to Apollo, a Greek god. This finger shows the status of art, music, fame, wealth, and prosperity.

The shape of the palm depicts a lot of things for the person. There are almost four to 11 types of palm shapes in different sectors of palm readers.