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Job finding may seem like an easy process at first but it isn’t. There are many people, who, despite having all the qualification, knowledge and experience, still don’t have a Job and are Searching for Jobs in Mandi. This is also the case with people who are looking for employees, there is no proper communication between the two. That is the reason why HSYK Services has come up with a Job Finder Programme.

Here you can submit your resume, portfolio and other basic details like contact info etc. After reviewing the info, we will post your resume on our website for employers and businesses to see.

If you are an Employer and looking for people to work under you, you can also fill a form with details of the Job, requirements and salary estimates. After a quick review, we will publish your listing and make it public for people who are looking for Jobs to see.

Looking For A Job?

Searching for a Job can be hard sometimes. Even you have the qualification and all the talent required, finding a job that suits you and your preferences can be a little tough.

For this reason, a Job Finder Service like ours (HSYK Services) can save you a lot of headaches and trouble. No matter what you specialize in or what your field of work is, we can provide you with appropriate jobs regardless of which city you live in Himachal Pradesh. We provide Job finder service in Mandi, Shimla, Kullu, Manali, Sundernagar, Jogindarnagar, and nearby cities.

Finally, check our contact details to get in touch with us, we will gladly answer any question that you might have.

Looking For Employees?

If you own a business, a firm or even a Shop, then you already know that it is not easy to find employees or people who are willing to work for you. This is where our Job Finder Service comes to place. People who are looking for Jobs in Mandi will see your listing and will be able to contact you directly on the contact info that you have submitted.

You can post information about your Work, Requirements, Qualification needed for work and other details that you might need. HSYK services can provide you with willing people who can help you with running your business. We can even arrange employees for you with the requirements or qualifications that your business require.

We are Hiring

HSYK Services is currently looking for employees. We have all kinds of Jobs available and anyone who is looking for a job near mandi can apply.

Also, we are looking for full-time employees and will provide a handsome salary along with all the tools and types of equipment that you require for the job.

For Timings, Salary, Terms, Conditions and other information about our Hiring program, please refer to our ‘Join Our Team‘ page.